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In my journey to help others through massage I have learned that one of the most under appreciated populations among us is probably the most in need of touch; senior citizens. As we age, it seems the touch we receive is less comforting and more clinical in too many cases. I speak of my experience in visiting assisted living. Most of the ladies and gents in these facilities rarely receive any meaningful comfort touch outside of family. And there is such a desperate need for it in the declining years.

- Julie Dew, LMT

Special needs of aging client

Massage Therapy for a Special Population

As we age, our body systems begin to slow down and often this can lead to degenerative diseases, neurological disorders, and immobilizing illnesses.  These health impairments tend to isolate the aging person.  As our declining seniors are eventually institutionalized, more and more of them become touch-deprived and, as a result, their spirit withdraws and they become less of an interactive part of their surroundings altogether.

A mere half hour spent delivering skilled touch to the aging client can restore their feeling of self-worth, their reserves of happiness, and their very will to become once again involved with the world around them.

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Massage is effective in relieving muscle pain, joint stiffness, poor blood circulation, mental stress, sleeplessness and similar problems that are so prevalent among the senior population.

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Geriatric Massage is specialized to the individual needs and limitations that come with age.  Sessions are usually 30 minutes in length, and adjustments are made to accommodate each client's limitations and challenges.   This therapy is different from a typical massage; it is done with the client clothed and seated in a recliner or wheelchair, or in bed.


 My vision is to bring massage therapy to seniors who cannot travel.  I currently visit assisted living centers, healthcare facilities, and client's homes to provide personalized sessions.   

Specialized massage for seniors

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Compassionate massage delivers much more than simple “touch” to the recipient. 

Geriatric Massage Service

Julie is currently available for on-site Geriatric Massage.  

Because each client's needs are different, the fee is variable.  For more information or to book a massage for you or a loved one, please contact Julie:


[email protected]